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Citation: News of Beam Diagnostics Belarus 2001 1-2: 65-67.

Ultrasound diagnostics in appendicitis.

Savinova O. V.

Tartu University Hospital, Tartu, Estonia.

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Figure 1. Schema demonstrates possible appendix position variants.
Figure 2. Schematic illustration of colonic hyperrotation: 
a - appendix, 
a - lon ascendens, 
c - caecum, 
dc - colon descendens, 
i - ileum, 
r - rectum, 
tc - colon transversum.
Figure 3. Macroscopic specimen of inflamed appendix.

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Figure 4. Diagram shows possible appendix positions in relation to caecum and ileum. Figures depicts frequency of each position in percents.
Figure 5. Transabdominal transverse sonogram shows middle part of normal appendix over iliac vessels.

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Figure 6. Transabdominal oblique sonogram shows inflamed appendix 0,74 sm. in diameter.

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Figure 7. Transabdominal transverse sonogram shows inflamed appendix 0,89 sm. in diameter. Appendix may be seen twice on the scan as result of its curved shape.

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Figure 8. Transabdominal transverse sonogram shows perforated appendix. Apical wall contour interrupted, anechoic fluid collection nearby may be seen.
Figure 9. Transabdominal transverse sonogram shows inflamed appendix with adjacent thin fluid layer. 
Figure 10. Transverse image of inflamed appendix 1,2 sm. thick.  Appendicalit 0,8 sm. in diameter may be seen in appendix lumen.
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