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Citation: News of Beam Diagnostics Belarus 1999 1: 21-23.

Recurrent rectal cancer imaging.

Khoruzhik S. A.1, Fomin K. A.2

1Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital, 2Grodno Medical Institute, Grodno.

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Figure 1. Patient with rectum cancer have been examined with CT 5 months after operation to check for recurrence. No recurrence signs were found. Uterus backward displacement.

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Figure 2. Radiograph of the left lung. Peripheral lung cancer developed on the background of the scar seen.
Figure 3. 11 months after operation bulky recurrent mass between sacrum and bladder seen. Seminal vesicles are not differentiated. Intratumoral necrosis seen as region of decreased density inside tumour.

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Figure 4. Recurrent tumor with bladder involvement.
Figure 5. Recurrent inhomogeneous mass contacting right obturator internus muscle. Calcificates along left tumor contour as well as inguinal lymph nodes enlargement from the both sides may be seen.

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Figure 6. Pubic bone metastasis (arrows) seen as an area of bone destruction with soft tissue component. Enlarged left inguinal lymph nodes have not strict contour as sign of extracapsular invasion.
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