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Novosti Lucevoj Diagnostiki (News of Beam Diagnostics Belarus) is the first and only printed journal for radiologists in Republic of Belarus published since 1998. Some articles may be of interest for radiographers as well as for medical doctors of other specialties who interest in diagnostic imaging. Journal publishes articles on various medical imaging techniques including but not limited to computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, conventional X-rays, and nuclear medicine. 

Original language of the journal is Russian. Planed periodicity is 4 issues per year. Journal disseminated free of charge among members of Belarussian Association of Radiologists. 

Early 2001 printed journal was enhanced with full-text Internet version in Russian. English on-line version appeared in July same year and provides TOCs, articles in English in "Figures Only" format as well as links to full-text articles in Russian.

Editorial staff:

Editor - Poloiko Ju. F.
Internet-Editor and Web Produser - Khoruzhik S. A.

Advisory Board:

Golub G. D., Minsk 
Grenkov G. I., Vitebsk 
Zverev L. A, Mogilev 
Klinchuk B. A., Brest 
Lazjuk D. G, Minsk 
Lazjuk I. I., Minsk 
Markvarde M. M., Minsk 
Ovchinnikov V. A., Grodno 
Pavlov S. M., Gomel 
Rutskaja E. A., Minsk 
Tihomirova T. V., Minsk 
Ulezko E. A., Minsk 
Filipovich N. S., Minsk 
Chizh G. V., Minsk 
Shljapo V. V., Minsk 


Serguey Khoruzhik, M.D.
Department of Diagnostic Imaging
Computed Tomography
N.N. Alexandrov Research Institute of Oncology and Medical Radiology
P. O. Lesnoj-2, 223040 Minsk, Belarus
Office phone: + 375 (17) 202 4 611
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